Saturday, August 17, 2013

Vince Gironda's "Blueprint for the Bodybuilder"

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Vince Gironda's "Blueprint for the Bodybuilder"

I am glad to share with you this copy of Vince Gironda's book, the blueprint of the bodybuilder. I read this book a very long time ago online but lost track of where to find it again. Credits for sharing this book go to the guys who run facebook page dedicated to Vince Gironda named The Vince Gironda Tribute (click to visit for great Gironda content). A lot of Gironda's belief are scientifically validated to not only bring out muscle definition but also as a means to prevent and treat metabolic diseases like Type 2 diabetes. Enjoy the book and I hope you take good lessons from it. Vince Gironda's training and nutrition methods are the finest that the sport of bodybuilding has and will ever see. 

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