Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bodybuilding "advices". By Bodybuilding Mauritius members

Bodybuilding "advices"

By Bodybuilding Mauritius members

There is a wealth of information inside us all. I believe everyone knows something that may be of great help to others. Only the right platform needs to be created in order to allow such exchanges of ideas. Bodybuilding Mauritius is a step towards this. Not always do we all agree on certain points as sometimes opinions may differ too. But that's how we learn. 

When asked to give an advice based on the picture above, Bodybuilding Mauritius members were too eager to reply. Therefore I got my first article on our website with 19 (and counting) authors!

Kailash Mungur "a body is not build overnight ...it takes time and determination"

Kessen Valaydon "to build,you should have concrete!"

Julien Thuposy "don't forget leg day"

Bhavish Rock "patiance.hardworking.time.movitation"

Renghen Kow "ur body is a work of art"

Don Dbn "Don't just build mass perpetually without ever working on the conditioning. Do not try to get more defined muscle if you are very thin already and lack muscle mass."

Christophe Theodorine "You never stop building your shape...it's all about persistence and determination!"

Fabien Razaze "Find an objective when starting and a plan to continue !"

Luchan Comal "Your body is like a block of concrete and you must know how sculpt it into something amazing, your main tool being the 'heavy Iron' (not to forget proper nutrition)"

Priteviraj Dak "all what u gonna b comes direct from ur though"

Yash Doongur "you sculpt your own body"

Yog Roods "Diet is key in achieving such physique."

Djameel Meerun "Bulk but not over bulking n cut down !"

Ramtohul Yoganand "i will go with Djameel Meerun.. you cannot chisel bones.. you need muscle mass!!''

Omar Patel "You are born from dust and you should return to dust : what is between is up to you.!"

Pradip Singh "You are the sculptor of yourself in Bodybuilding, you have to work alone on yourself with your available materials and resources to sculpt a Body, and like a work of Art if displayed for public viewing, leave it to the audience for viewing and appreciation and critics."

Amar Gopul "do whatever you feel does work for u ( but with a proper research and advice if needed). do not follow someone else routine"

Vic Veeraj Goyaram "You cannot sculpt a pebble" (unknown author)


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