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Beware of Fake Dianabol. By Veeraj Vic Goyaram

Beware of Fake Dianabol
Researched and composed by Veeraj V. Goyaram
Bodybuilding Mauritius does not encourage the use of steroids. The information we provide is for educational purposes only. Our articles on the topic of drug use in bodybuilding can be accessed on this link. In this article we report one case of counterfeiting for the popular oral steroid Dianabol.

In a recent article published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, Italian scientists (Favretto et al., 2013) analysed Dianabol tablets of the blue heart-shaped variety and found that the concentration of active ingredient methandienone (dianabol) was only 1.5mg per tablet, much less than the 5-10mg/ tablet in licensed products. Furthermore, another steroid, methyltestosterone, was also detected in the tablets at a dose of 1.7 mg/ tab. The scientists report that these doses are enough to give a feeling to users that the steroids "are working" but insufficient to produce any anabolic effect.
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The above paper is one of the many reports of steroid counterfeiting which serves to tell you that by buying gear from non-legit sources you run the risk of:

a) Getting less than what you pay for, meaning that the steroids may contain only a fraction of what the label (or dealer) says it contains. 

b) Getting more than what you pay for, meaning that some steroid products contain other steroids that you don't know about or don't intend using. In this example, the "Dianabol" tablets contained Methyltestosterone which has been added intentionally (as it is present in a 1:1 ratio to dianabol)

Favretto D, Castagna F, Maietti S, Boscolo-Berto R and Ferrara SD. When color fails: Illicit blue tablets containing anabolic androgen steroids. J Pharm Biomed Anal 83: 260-264, 2013.         

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