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Leg training trick: Leg curls before squats. By Veeraj Goyaram

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leg training trick: perform leg curls before squats
by veeraj goyaram
Take a few minutes and analyse your current leg training. Are you killing yourself with endless sets of quadriceps exercises but only throwing in a few sets of leg curls at the end of a leg workout for the hamstrings? If yes, then stop this madness! Here is why:

  • Many, if not most, amateur bodybuilders are weak in the hamstrings compared to their quads. You often see good legs in front poses but as soon as they turn to the side or the rear their hamstrings lag behind.
  • Hamstrings need more than just a few sets of leg curls at the end of a leg workout. They need special attention. You need to prioritize them. Sure, your squats and leg presses do work the hamstrings to some extent but that is NOT enough. The hamstrings are designed to curl, and curl you must.

A good way of bringing the hamstrings up is to perform leg curls early in the leg workout, preferably before squats and leg presses. This is a technique that I began to implement in 2011 following a seminar by IFBB Pro Marius Dohne during which he advised performing leg curls before quadriceps work as a means to deal with knee problems. I initially started performing all my leg curls sets early in the workout because it provided a good warmup for my knees.  Those with knee problems can give this a try.
Marius Dohne on his recent comeback
at the 2014 Europa Pro. 
As I made the above a regular feature in my leg training I began to notice some other benefits:

A. Better hamstring progress because I give them nice attention early in the workout when I am still fresh.

B. Better feel in squats because with a pump in my hamstrings I feel stronger at the bottom position of squats (and leg presses). I get like a "cushioning effect" and this encourages me to go deep in both quad exercises.

Here is my  my current leg workout:
1. Leg extensions [sets of 20-25]
2. Lying leg curls [sets of 10-12]
3. Leg presses [sets of 20-25]
4. Squats [sets of 6-10]
5. Adductor machine [sets of 15]

John Delarosa showing stellar hamstring
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