Tuesday, June 10, 2014

RAMADAN TRAINING for Muslim bodybuilders. By OMAR PATEL

Training Series

RAMADAN TRAINING for muslim bodybuilders

Many Muslim brothers ask me about fasting in Ramadan use for weight loss, health and fear about loosing muscles. Ramadan is a chance for you to disconnect from the bubble of self-importance and selfishness in order to connect to others and ultimately a higher being: God. Its a month to forget about yourself and think about God and others. You can train and watch about what you eat, but it should not be your prime concern! You will never be disappointed by pleasing GOD!

Ramadan is a chance for you to connect with God

Program minimal for those who are fasting on Ramadan. 
(for muscle building)

Do it on Monday and Thursday with 4 sets each with rep scheme 10,8,6,15

  • DIPS
  • DAY 2

Fatloss program for Ramadan ; (for conditioning and fat-loss)

Ramadan 20 min workout

3 rounds(no rest between exercise) of 3 -6 reps with 3- 5 min rest between round.
1. Db push up fly
2. Db triceps extension
3. Db fly
4. Db bench press
5. Db pullover
6. Db Hammer curl
7. Db upright row
8. Db Stiff-legged dead-lift
9. Db Bent-over row
10 .Db explosive Squat heel raise


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About the Author
Omar Patel basically lives under a barbell all day, as the Strength & Conditioning Specialist at Jet 7 Fitness Centre in Flic en Flac, Mauritius. Bodybuilding Mauritius members know him very well for his sense of humour, out of the ordinary recipes for muscle as well as his unending passion for functional bodybuilding (don't just build to flex, build to use). Omar can also lay claim to some tremendous feats of strengths and athleticism, like squatting 100kg for 5 minutes and 50 reps.
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