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Listen To Signals Your Body Sends You: How You Respond To Certain Foods.By Veeraj Goyaram

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Listen To Signals Your Body Sends You: How You Respond To Certain Foods.
By Veeraj Goyaram
 Sorry for this long drought of articles on Bodybuilding Mauritius and South Africa. As most of you know I am now working on a full-time basis in the field of nutritional supplements research & development. I am giving my full time and attention to what you may already guess is my DREAM JOB. However, please rest assured that I will still be posting articles, which will often be short and concise.

Today I would like to share something with you from personal experience.

Listen to your body!

Always pay attention to how you feel after eating certain foods. Take good note for yourself and, if you are working with a nutritional advisor, inform the latter of the same so that he suggests some alternatives. I have noted, especially past the age of 30 (getting old, I know), that I:

(a) Don't respond well to dairy. While I could gulp down 1 liter of milk anytime of the day at age 25, now I have issues if I drink more than 250ml per at one go. This is due to lactose. I have developed lactose intolerance because my body is not producing enough lactase, the enzyme that breaks down lactose (milk sugar). Therefore, the lactose remains in my gut and bacteria are more than happy to feast on them (fermentation), giving rise to products that cause loose stools, bloating and abdominal pain (Figure 1). This is a pity because I love milk and dairy products. I will be moving towards lactose free milk.
Scientific depiction of lactose intolerance
(b) Cannot tolerate whey concentrate powders anymore. Again, this is due to their content of lactose. I explained in a past article that whey concentrates contain lactose. While whey concentrate is a great cost-effective source of protein for those having no issues with lactose, for me it just doesn't work anymore. I have made the expensive switch to whey isolates and hydrolysates. 

(c) Get bloated like crazy on Oats, bread and grains. I eat just four slices of bread and a few minutes later I look pregnant. I never had these issues before and I could down an entire pack of Sasko bread slices and several packs of Ramen noodles (dried noodles) in one sitting and still hit a vacuum pose later. However, I do very fine on any type of rice, white and sweet potatoes and fruits. Fibrous carbs go down very well also. Grains don't agree with me anymore. Now, this bothers me a great deal as I may not be able to enjoy an entire "Tempo" (pressure cooker) of broad beans (Carri gros pois a.k.a. "curry big weights") with roti when I go to Mauritius on holidays again. Mari kas nissa.
Not for me, unfortunately
Hard to resist
(d) No soy too. I have experimented with soy, soy chunks and soy protein isolates as a source of cheap protein. Don't feel good on them. Experiment to see if you do or don't.
I say no to soy and soy products because they don't agree with me

(e) Stuff my body likes. I do way better on animal sources of protein like meat, eggs and fish.

Always note down signals that your body sends you.

Note: not everyone will have issues with the above. I am not saying that all of you need to or will eventually have to eliminate the above foods. Some of you may down them like there is no tomorrow and report no issues whatsoever.

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