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Some Random Thoughts On Protein Supplements. By Veeraj Goyaram

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Some Random Thoughts On Protein Supplements
By Veeraj Goyaram
If you search the Bodybuilding Mauritius Facebook group for any post related to protein supplements from a beginner you will likely encounter a comment along the lines of "focus on food. Protein powders are not magic bullets" or "eat whole eggs, chicken and meat". Rightly so, because protein powders are meant to supplement your daily protein intake. They are not meant to replace solid meals completely but can be great additions to solid meals.

So, no protein supplements for beginners??
I believe you can use a basic protein supplement right from the beginning but these should be in conjunction with solid meals. Beginners need to realise that bodybuilding progress is more dependent on your efforts in the kitchen than what brand of protein is better. Getting your basics right is what we want you to do.

We don't want beginners to fall prey to the often outrageous claims on protein powder supplement labels and before/ after pictures that usually feature in the ads. We want you to learn to love chicken breasts and steak, whole eggs, wholesome foods rather than worry about online supplement reviews of the latest protein supplements of PubMed abstracts on whey protein research because 
"..all the complex conversation about the sciences will mean very little, will mean nothing to you if you're still not able to get up, cook your meals, pack them, and follow through with eating them every 2.5-3 hours.". 

Kai L. Greene, 3-time Mr.Olympia runner up 

We are not against supplements but against uninformed supplement use

Benefits of protein supplements

I admit that cooking is a hassle. Defrosting chicken breasts, trimming them, deboning and then the long process of cooking them for me seem harder than a hardcore leg workout. That's the reason why I also include two protein shakes a day along with 3 solid meals. Even better: I make protein pancakes and enjoy them with coffee. Even even better: I am getting a wife soon to help me in my cooking for me and make me these awesome pancakes as follows:

Mix 2 whole eggs, 2 scoop whey protein powder and just enough water to make a thick paste. It you are using a high quality protein powder this mixture should be easy to make. If you are using a crap protein powder then you will struggle a bit with lumps. Warm a non-stick pan with a drizzle of cooking oil (or use an oil spray) and fry. 
Can you smelllllllllllll that the protein pancakes are cooking?

Article: Heating does not destroy the protein in whey

Here's a protein fudge that I made:

How to proceed if you are a beginner?
Speak to a genuine coach or someone experienced about your diet and whether you can include a protein supplement in your regimen. Once it is established that you can use a supplement we would recommend that you stick to a reputable brand. I am sure you all know what brands have a good reputation. If you are in doubt you can write to us on Bodybuilding Mauritius Facebook group.

I hope I kept this article fairly simple. Future articles will deal with protein supplements from a scientific perspective in a language made simple for you, as usual. 

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