Monday, December 1, 2014

Mauritian Bikini Athlete Deepa Muschke shines in Europe.

Athlete feature
Deepa Muschke, Mauritian Bikini Athlete Shines in Europe.
Deepa Muschke did it again. Mauritius' finest export to Germany shined at the German Championships visibly improved from her showing at the FIBO Show early this year. Here are a few words from Deepa:
"I started a few years ago in a gym in Mauritius with my wonderful coach Elvino Pierre Louis and then continued my journey in Germany under a long distance coaching with him. Never thought or dreamt that i would have reached this level! But after a lot of strong determination, i am proud to be among the best top 6 of north Germany bikini athlete and best top 15 of grand championship Germany! Thank you all for your love and support that helped me to reach this level!"

Now on to some pictures. Watch out for more content from Deepa on Bodybuilding Mauritius. 

Insane Back Definition

With her competitors


It wasn't just any show she competed in but the Deutsche Meisterschaft!
With her proud coach Elvino Pierre Louis, himself an International athlete.

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