Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My greatest training aid: LIFTING CHALK. By Vic V. Goyaram

My greatest training aid: Lifting chalk
By Vic V. Goyaram
Lifting chalk is the single item which made the biggest difference in my training. I used to struggle with any exercise that required gripping heavy weights for extended periods of time, particularly deadlifts and shrugs. My palms would get sweaty very quickly and the bar would slip from my hands. I did try lifting straps but that felt very uneasy. Lifting chalk solved that problem, my back training got a massive boost and my forearm went from being a weak bodypart to one of my strongest assets. 
Magnesium Carbonate.
Tell you Chemistry teacher what it's used for!
For the chemistry-minded among you, lifting chalk is Magnesium Carbonate. Chalk has been used for a long time in athletic activities and sports like weightlifting, rock climbing and gymnastics as a gripping aid. Lifting chalk can come in the form of powders or blocks. The blocks are more convenient and can get less messy in case you happen to sneeze easily.  
In case you are wondering. Yes, I am in love with
Spanish weightlifter Lydia Valentin. 
Pros and cons of lifting chalk
Lifting chalk can leave traces about whose ass you have been patting in the gym and that's the only disadvantage that I can think of. You will find out most of the pros and cons by yourself. You can get chalk into the eyes of your training partner while spotting him on benches. You can also easily mess up the gym equipment and floor with lifting chalk and should that be a problem, just wipe it. Be considerate (for once) to the gym owner and other users of the gym. If you train at Planet Fatness in America you may also get kicked out and not earn your muffins or pat on the back.
In case you are wondering, again.
That's my hand print after kissing her
Don't steal your teacher's chalk (Calcium Carbonate)
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