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Trusted Bodybuilding Resources on the Internet. Part One: Renowned Bodybuilding writers. By Veeraj V. Goyaram

Trusted Bodybuilding Resources on the Internet. 
Part One: Renowned Bodybuilding writers

Researched and composed by Vic Goyaram

Bodybuilding, the Internet Revolution and the internet info dilemma

The internet has massively revolutionized the sharing of information in bodybuilding such that a lot of information is available at the click of the mouse. Additionally, famous people in the industry are now more accessible via their website, blog, Facebook, and Twitter pages.  Having been an avid reader for nearly two decades of writers like Will Brink, Jerry Brainum and Ron Harris, imagine my thrill when I am able to comment on their facebook updates and have then often reply back. I am star-struck each time one of them does so!

The internet revolution, however, poses the following dilemma.  
  • The information on the internet very often conflict with one another. Not everyone can make sense out of it.  
  • A lot of information is, in fact, disguised marketing that attempts to have you purchase products that may be useless to you. 
  • There is often too much science in certain articles. Many authors sometimes give complicated scientific explanations without even making things simple to the lay-public. They do not regard the fact that not everyone has a Bachelor of Science in physiology. 
  • We have people giving advice online who spend a lot of time fighting and arguing like schoolkids: lots of rants and stupid stuff.  
  • Then, finally we have the Internet experts: the ones who know it all from behind the computer screen but are in fact wimps in the real world. 
Whom to trust??

This article aims to provide you with a shortlist of the people and websites that I trust for information. I have learned a lot from these sources and much of my knowledge comes from their work that I have been reading over the decades in bodybuilding magazines and eventually on the internet. There are others that I have recently discovered and grew fond on. Now that I have my website it is my turn to return the love.

1. Doug Brignole 
I think it is not a secret that I am an avid follower of Doug Brignole's teachings. Doug is an expert in the bio-mechanics of exercise with extensive competitive bodybuilding experience What I really like about Doug is his open-mindedness and ability to constantly put hitherto established bodybuilding practices to the test and analysing the effectiveness of exercises. "Deviance drives innovation!". Doug writes for Ironman and Labrada Nutrition and has authored a book named Million Dollar Muscle, a copy of which I am soon going to purchase. I also swear by the 4XMass and TORQ method that Doug and his pals at Ironman Magazine developed. Doug is a great asset to the sport of bodybuilding and an example of longevity. Therefore, he gets the Bodybuilding Mauritius seal of approval. 

Where to find Doug's articles:
Doug Brignole @ Ironman Magazine

2. Hugo Rivera 
Hugo Rivera is a very experienced trainer and competitive bodybuilder with an impressive track record in NPC shows in America. I have been a reader of Hugo's articles since 2002 and his work has always impressed me considerably. He is a best-selling fitness author of more than 10 books like the "Body Sculpting Bible for Men". I am a follower of Hugo on Facebook, his website and on the Labrada Nutrition website. His treatment of topics in bodybuilding training, nutrition is highly educational. Hugo Rivera gets the Bodybuilding Mauritius Seal of Approval. 

Where to find Hugo's articles:
Hugo Rivera @ Labrada Nutrition

3. Ron Harris
I began reading Ron's articles in Musclemag in the mid 2000s and have been hooked ever since. Ron is very experienced and clued up on all topics of bodybuilding. I am also an avid follower of his Facebook status updates where Ron not only shows great knowledge of bodybuilding but also a sense of family and the attitude of never giving up. At 43, Ron shows no sign of slowing down and still has the desire to keep competing. At the age of 31, there are a lot of things that I can learn from Ron concerning longevity. Ron recently discovered the highly effective and joint-sparing TORQ method of training and has adapted it to his own needs. He gives his readers a  detailed rundown of his training routines on his Gaspari Nutrition blog regularly. I have learned two important things from Ron: a) It is never too late to learn new things. b) you can take any training system and adapt it to your own needs. Not always is there a need to go by the book. Ron Harris gets the Bodybuilding Mauritius Seal of Approval. 

Where to find Ron's articles:

4. Will Brink 
I never miss any of Will Brink's regular updates with a cup of steaming coffee in my hand. This is a good habit that I got from Will himself because he is an ardent supporter of the health benefits of coffee. There is no sunshine without coffee, he always say. I began reading Will Brink's articles in Musclemag in the early 2000s and have been a fan ever since. Will is a person of great integrity when it comes to delivering the truth about products. If something doesn't work, then Will will say it honestly. Will's knowledge of supplements is outstanding to say the least. Will Brink gets the Bodybuilding Mauritius Seal of Approval.

Where to find Will's articles:

5. Dr. Layne Norton
I started reading Layne's articles sometime in 2004 on I could relate a lot to him as he was busy with his BS in Biochemistry while I was wrapping my BS in Biology in Mauritius. I was a bit jealous of Layne as he was in America and going to pursue his postgrad in at U of Ilinois at Urbana Champaign while my possibilities in the small island of Mauritius was non-existant. Nevertheless, I thought I'd enrich myself with his free knowledge. I took notes and I got entire notebooks full of Layne Norton tips that date from more than a decade! Today Layne has his PhD in Nutritional Sciences and I am on my way to achieving my PhD in Exercise Science. Layne was instrumental in my decision to pursue my further education and my MS thesis was corrected and awarded a distinction by one of his PhD advisors at U of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Layne's advice is solid, by the way, no matter what his haters say. He gets the Bodybuilding Mauritius Seal of Approval.

Where to find Layne's articles:

5. Jerry Brainum

Jerry Brainum is one of my most trusted sources for information on sports nutrition and supplements. Long before I could master the scientific and technical jargon to understand nutrition/ supplement science I was greatly benefiting from Jerry's writing in IRONMAN. He does a great job translating scientific information into layman's terms. As you can see on his homepage, Jerry provides "Nutrition Science Uncensored" information that you can put your trust in. He gets the Bodybuilding Mauritius Seal of Approval.

Where to find Jerry's articles:

6. Christian Thibaudeau
I began studying Thib's materials some 6 years ago, particularly through his "Black book of training secrets" publication.  Christian says that “Training is my passion. I love everything about training. That's why I don't have ONE training methodology to my name but include every single type of methods that has been shown to work. I have too much respect for every single successful coach or athlete to dismiss any technique, program or system just because it doesn't sit well with my own personal likings and beliefs.” That tells you a lot about the man.

Christian Thibaudeau @ T-Nation

Thank you Doug, Ron, Hugo, Will, Layne, Jerry and Christian
Your work inspired me to pursue my further studies  

Forever grateful. America, I will come one day!

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