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Athlete profile. ANDREW HUDSON: NEW IFBB PRO from south africa

Athlete profile

ANDREW HUDSON: NEW IFBB PRO from south africa
By veeraj goyaram

He may look familiar to the Bollywood movie aficionados among you as the massive dude who fought John Abraham in Race 2. His name is Andrew Hudson, South Africa's top super-heavyweight and he just realised his dream of turning professional with the IFBB. He won his pro card via a superheavyweight class win at this year's Arnold Amateur bodybuilding championships in Columbus, Ohio (USA). This news was received with great delight by the close-knit bodybuilding community of the wonderful rainbow nation which always saw in the 3o-year old gentle giant a worthy ambassador of bodybuilding. Everybody loves Andrew and I think one needs to be really retarded to hate the guy. He also joins two other South African bodybuilders, namely Marius Dohne and Hennie Kotze in the pro ranks. 
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I have been an Andrew Hudson fan since I moved to South Africa and picked up the March 2010 issue of Muscle Evolution which featured an article on him. Since then I have been following his career and progress via social media. I could relate to Andrew because to fund his international competition he had to, I quote from the same magazine, "work like a madman when I was a kid, simply so that I could afford food and supplements. At one stage I was prepping for the world championships while doing supplement sales promotions, all the deliveries for a supplement company, as well as in store and traffic light promotions for a promotions and marketing company. I also used to be a waiter at a restaurant in the limited time I had left. My car got stolen while I was trying to juggle all of my jobs, so I used to walk everywhere. It's when times get really tough that you learn about yourself, and it's times like that when you decide if you'll let them make and break you". 

Having just landed in South Africa, with R6000, two bag of clothes and a boatload of ambition, at that time that's how I learned about a job called supplement sales promotions. The next week I joined a popular local company and stayed with them ever since in that capacity. Promotions work is helping me fund a PhD in (Molecular) Exercise Science research at the University of Cape Town. That's one paragraph that made a very huge impact on my life in South Africa. 
Perfectly preserved: March/ April 2010 issue!
Below are the highlights of his international bodybuilding career:

Mr Universe - NABBA, Junior, 4th
World Championships - NABBA, Junior, 1st

Mr Universe - NABBA, Junior, 3rd

Mr Universe - NABBA, Tall, Did not place

World Amateur Championships - IFBB, HeavyWeight, 12th

World Amateur Championships - IFBB, Super-HeavyWeight, 11th

World Amateur Championships - IFBB, Super-HeavyWeight, 8th


Let's all wish Andrew the best in the pro ranks 

I let you enjoy some photos of the champ!

Photoshoot with Ben Myburgh
At the 2014 Arnold Amateurs
At the 2014 Arnold Amateurs
Before going onstage in South Africa
Onstage in South Africa

Race 2 as "Typhoon"

My Bio: I am a Mauritian originally from Roche Bois, Port Louis and now based in Cape Town, South Africa where I am busy with my postgraduate studies in molecular biology of exercise. My research, supervised by Prof. Edward Ojuka and Dr. Tertius Kohn, looks at the influence of nutrition and exercise in gene expression in muscle, research which is relevant and applicable to exercising individuals, sports persons and diabetic individuals. The knowledge that I share with you stems from my 18 years of experience in bodybuilding and 8 years (and counting) of university education in the field. I have also published work in the American Journal of Physiology: Endocrinology and Metabolism (2012, 2014), International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism (2013) and co-authored two book chapters on exercise and diabetes. I also presented my research work at the 2012 International Sports and Exercise Nutrition Conference (UK). I am grateful to each and everyone at the UCT Research Unit for Exercise Science and Sports Medicine. "Knowledge without sharing is worth nothing"
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