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Bodybuilding Mauritius Quick Tips: High Intensity Cardio and Shrugs technique. By Vic Goyaram

Bodybuilding Mauritius Quick Tips of the day 

High Intensity Cardio and Shrugs technique 
By Vic Goyaram
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The 2013 Mr. Olympia will be interesting!
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Here we go Bodybuilding Mauritius fans for my first article since my graduation. For those who don't know, I graduated with my MSc degree last week and this achievement is dedicated to you all on Bodybuilding Mauritius. This degree means a lot to me as I killed myself to get it.  The knowledge that I gained during my studies get more meaning when I share it with you. Celebration-wise, I had a great time with my friends in South Africa and now I am looking forward to celebrate with my friends and family in MAURITIUS! I am putting in the extra cardio sessions in order to be able to eat roti, briani and all those Mauritian delicacies that my family are eagerly waiting to feed me. Graduation celebrations also included cardio sessions, hardcore leg workout and a massive shoulder workout over the weekend!
Thanking you all for your support during my studies
High Intensity Cardio
Speaking of cardio, I always hated it because I find it boring. I do not like to walk on a treadmill or cycle endlessly on a bike. Even the presence of hot girls on nearby cardio machines does not offset my hatred for cardio. Therefore, I choose high intensity cardio which is more fun, of shorter duration and is more effective than low intensity long duration cardio. A more in depth review of cardio will be featured in an upcoming article, guaranteed. There are two ways that I enjoy doing cardio:

A. Tyre flips
Tire training is not only for those who compete in strongman competitions. They are also for bodybuilders and athletes to improve strength and conditioning. They can be used as a great alternative to boring low intensity cardio as well as as a training in itself for sports-specific applications. Make sure you start the movement with the feet flat on the ground, then squat down. I prefer a wide stance squat position. Hands are to be kept about shoulder width apart. Place the hands firmly under the tyre. Drive the upward movement with the help of your legs. As the tyre takes off from the ground you are also using your back and the arms. At the near top of the movement you change your arms from a pulling to a pushing position to flip the tyre over. Start the process again. I am relatively new to tyre flips and I am not an expert in this movement and kind of training so the floor is open to anyone to add additional tips. 

There are several ways you can build your tyre flip cardio workout. For instance, you can flip as fast or as far as you can or use tyre flips in a medley of events. The benefits of tyre flips: cannot wake up the next day from the entire body being sore. This movement works my lower body and back really well. 

B. Farmers' Walk
This is another killer for cardio. You can use a trap bar or dumbbells. Then walk as fast as you can. Believe me, the entire body gets a workout from this. It is one of the best movement you can do for developing your forearms as well. I grab about 200lbs and walk down the track pictured below.

Shrugs Technique

It is very important to have a full range of motion on shrugs. DO NOT load the bar too much and then perform only a few millimetre shrugs. Movement should be straight up and down, no rolling of shoulders. At the top bring the head slightly forward (looking down slightly) and then squeeze as if you are bringing the shoulder blades together. Bring the bar up as if you want to scratch the back of your head with your shoulders. Maintain this contracted position for a 3-5 seconds. If you have to drop the weights in order to perform it this way, then do so. 

More tips on trap training in the article below:
Click here to read on how to BEEF UP the traps
That's all for today. Have a good and anabolic week ahead and make sure you check us on Bodybuilding Mauritius. Yours in the sport of Bodybuilding. And here is my new banner! You can have yours too by writing for us!! Contact me if interested. 

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