Monday, June 24, 2013

The Bodybuilding Mauritius Posters. By Vic Goyaram

The Bodybuilding Mauritius Posters
Prepared by Veeraj Goyaram
We hope you will enjoy these posters and take lessons from them. They deal with all topics of bodybuilding: training, nutrition, motivation, philosophy. From the world's best bodybuilders. Pardon my poster design skills but most important is that the message reaches you! 

                    Conditioning and shape win shows over mass

Hit the compounds for bigger arms

                       Nutritional bro-science by Dr. Layne Norton

Laterals and wide grip uprights better than presses

Forever lean v/s forever bulk

Attitude, Optimism and hard work

                             Who said bodybuilders are dumb?

Laziness: one of the causes of small calves

                             Some of the finest triceps exercises

Low carb, high protein and high fat for definition


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