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Tip of the Day: Do not neglect your adductors. By Vic Goyaram

Tip of the Day
Do not neglect your adductors
 By Vic Goyaram
For Bodybuilding Mauritius
A great contributor of Tom Platz's awesome leg development is his inner legs. The latter are called the adductors, consisting of a group of muscles whose main role is to bring the legs together towards the body (adduction). Strong adductors are a must, not only for aesthetic reasons but also for maintaining a healthy and stable knee. The following are the tricks that will help you work the adductors quite well:

1. The Wide Stance
By squatting and leg pressing with a wide stance you engage the adductors to a greater degree. I have covered these points on my articles on squats and leg press. 

2. The Adductor Machine
This machine is not only for ladies looking for toned legs but also for hardcore bodybuilders.  It is a great adductor exercise.  Use very strict form and make sure the legs are warmed up before performing machine adductions because the movement involves quite a bit of stretch. If your gym does not have this machine then you can stick to wide stance squats and exercise #3 below.
Avoid making eye contact when performing adductions
3. Jefferson's squats
Also known as the 'Straddle lift', this exercise resembles both a deadlift and a squat. The glutes and the hams get a lot of work as well. Jefferson's are a favourite of Kai Greene and Toney Freeman, the only two pro bodybuilders regularly seen performing this exercise according to sources.
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Here is a video of Kai Greene performing Jefferson's

4. Sumo stance deadlifts
Performing the deadlift with the sumo stance has its advantages, one of them is that it engages the adductors to a much greater degree than in conventional regular stance deadlifts.  

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