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Caffeine allows you to get more reps and feel less pain. By Veeraj V. Goyaram

Supplement Research Update

Caffeine: Less Pain and More Gain.
By Veeraj V. Goyaram

In this edition of our Supplement Science Update Bodybuilding Mauritius brings you a latest scientific study which further backs the efficacy of Caffeine as a workout booster. It is interesting to note that most caffeine-performance studies were done with aerobic-type exercise and it is nice to see some studies that concern us, iron enthusiasts. The study I report here was done in people who lift!

Duncan and colleagues from Coventry University in England looked at what caffeine, taken at 5mg/ kg body weight, does to:

a. The number of reps performed until failure is reached.
b. The perception of pain while repping to failure.


a. More reps thanks to caffeine: For the four exercises tested (bench press, deadlift, prone row and back squat), caffeine allowed participants to get more reps until failure (19.6±3.7 and 18.5±4.1 respectively in caffeine and placebo groups). 

b. Less pain perceived: the perception of muscle pain was also lower in the caffeine group in all exercises. The the scientists among you I am including this nice little graph below. 

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Some important lessons:
  • Caffeine is a great resistance training booster. That is why most preworkout supplements have caffeine as the main ingredient. Most of the other ingredients are just for show on the labels. I said most, not all.  
  • Caffeine works by reducing the perception of pain.
  • 5mg/kg of Caffeine may be a bit high for certain people. The authors accept that they must look at smaller doses. You must also experiment to find your appropriate dose. 
  • If you don't have the cash for expensive preworkout formulas (neither do I), get hold of coffee or inexpensive caffeine tablets. 
Click to read larger abstract. Email me if you want full article


Duncan MJ, Stanley M, Parkhouse N, Cook K, Smith M. Acute caffeine ingestion enhances strength performance and reduces perceived exertion and muscle pain perception during resistance exercise. Eur J Sport Sci. 2013;13(4):392-9

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