Saturday, November 16, 2013

Your Holiday Fitness Program. By Ashley Laounni Kaniah

Your Holiday Fitness Program
By Ashley Laounni Kaniah

For all the youths who are idle at home during this end of year holidays. How about doing something good for 30 days and look good before your new year 2014 where you will surely and definitely consume loads and snacks and drinks


Easy workouts routine since you all are at home

Morning all 7 days of the week

30-45 mins cardio either bicycle or treadmill and try to work your abs and obliques everyday especially through hanging leg raises and crunches
  • Day 1 abs
  • Day 2 obliques
  • Day 3 abs
  • Day 4 obliques and so on working abs and obliques alternately


Monday leg
Tuesday chest
Wednesday bicep tricep calves
Thursday shoulders
Friday back
Saturday & Sunday OFF


Try to cut out on fizzy drinks for these 30 days....remember sacrifice today and earn your results tomorrow...
 No rice or pastas
  • Go for wholewheat bread
  • Eat plenty of fruits
  • Since its summer keep urself hydrated
  • Lay off the salt and salty meals a bit and try to savour ur meals in their natural flavour
  • Lay off food that holds too much water such as lettuce leaves instead

This ONE month sacrifice will surely make you look fitter and healthier in your XMas & New Year snaps

Don't miss out your cardio and if possible do a lighter and low intensity one in the evening if you can so as not to cause muscle depletion

Even though you guys are not training on weekend DON'T forget your cardio which is important

For all those youths who do not have huge money to spend on protein powders and go om strict dieting this will surely help you get an edge and change you for the NEXT 30 DAYS


About the Author
Ashley is a bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast from Schoenfeld, Riviere du Rempart, Mauritius. He recently won the -90kg category at the NBBF 2013 Mr. North in his first competitive outing.  Besides his involvement in the Iron world, Ashley is active in the legal profession as Junior Legal Assistant. He holds an LLB(Hons) degree. Get in touch with him via his Facebook profile

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